5700 KW 4-Pole Synchronous Generator 3300 V

This Horizontal Brushless Synchronous Generator is capable of ratings between 5700-8600 KV at 40° C ambient temperature at up to 1,000 meters above sea level. The machine is continuous duty, Class F insulated, is suitable for installation in a safe, non-hazardous area, and was designed, built, and tested to North American Standards (IEEE, NEMA, ANSI).


All equipment has been factory tested. Test reports are available upon request. If desired, additional testing can be completed at an additional charge.


Ideal Electric standard warranty will be offered for each piece of equipment. Term to be 12 months from start-up, not to exceed 18 months from date of shipment.

Equipment Pricing

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Product Capabilities 

Rating (kW)
Frequency (Hz)
Class F
Allowable Temperature Rise
Class B
Electrical Features
  1. Insulation system to be global VPI-complete stator windings
  2. Field suitable for excitation from a brushless exciter
  3. Capable of operating at rated KVA and rated temperature rise at altitudes of 1,000 meters above sea level
  4. Six leads for differential protection
Mechanical Features
  1. Two sleeve bearings, bracket mounted, suitable for forced feed lubrication from system furnished by customer. Includes manifold piping with 150# spiral serrated raised face flange connections (carbon steel supply and return) with sight flow gauges in drains. Ashcroft dial-type thermometers provided in each bearing drain. Piping located on the right-hand side viewed from the drive end.
  2. Single bearing to be insulated to prevent shaft currents with test strap
  3. Mechanical balance per NEMA Standards
  4. Unit capable of 125% over speed without mechanical injury
  5. NEMA weather protected (WPII) enclosure with cleanable, removable filters and differential pressure switch. Ingress protection rating: IP-24. Existing WPII generator enclosure could be converted to a WPI, Totally Enclosed Water to Air Cooled (TEWAC, or Totally Enclosed Air to Air Cooled (TEAAC) enclosure at additional charge.
  1. Bearing metal RTDs, one per bearing, 100-ohm platinum, dual-element type
  2. Six (6) stator temperature detectors, RTD type, 3 wire, 100-ohm platinum
  3. One set each air RTD, 3 wire, 100 ohm located 2 in air inlet and 2 in air exhaust
  4. Two (2) grounding pads on frame to be located diagonally opposite of each other
  5. Space heaters voltage AC 460V 60Hz x 3 phase
  6. Shinkawa shaft displacement type vibration system. Two proximity probes per bearing located in the x-y plane. System includes probes, cable, proximitors, and termination box. Monitoring not included. Shinkawa probes and proximitors could be replaced with Bently Nevada proximity vibration equipment.
  7. Brushless exciter
  8. Permanent magnet alternator (PMA)
  9. Accessory junction boxes
  10. Soleplates with mounting hardward and shims if reuqired (see Item #6 for details)
  11. Jacking systems one for each bearing for slow speed operation (less than 100 RPM), if required.

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