12,800 KW 4-Pole Synchronous Generator 12470 V

This Horizontal Brushless Synchronous Generator is capable of ratings between 10,000-13,200 KV at 40° C ambient temperature at up to 1,000 meters above sea level. The machine is continuous duty, Class F insulated, is suitable for installation in a safe, non-hazardous area, and was designed, built, and tested to North American Standards (IEEE, NEMA, ANSI).


All equipment has been factory tested. Test reports are available upon request. If desired, additional testing can be completed at an additional charge.


Ideal Electric standard warranty will be offered for each piece of equipment. Term to be 12 months from start-up, not to exceed 18 months from date of shipment.

Equipment Pricing

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Product Capabilities 

Rating (KW)
Frequency (Hz)
Class F
Allowable Temperature Rise
Class F
Electrical Features
  1. Damper windings
  2. Field suitable for excitation from brushless exciter
  3. Six (6) leads for differential protection
  4. VPI insulation stator. Ensure with VPI provider that varnish is fully cleaned from frame.
Mechanical Features
  1. Two sleeve bearings, bracket mounted, suitable for forced feed lubrication from system furnished by customer. Ideal will provide oil-in and oil-out connections at bearing housings only. No piping is included.
  2. One (1) bearing to be insulated to prevent shaft currents
  3. Direction of rotation to be counter-clockwised facing opposite drive-end 
  4. Mechanical balance per Solar Spec. ES2033 Rev. D
  5. Open drip-proof enclosure (when housed in Solar enclosure)
  6. Accessory terminal boxes to be mounted per specification
  7. Main terminal box to be mounted on the left-hand side as viewed from exciter end.
  1. Bearing temperautre detectors, RTD-type, 100-ohm platinum
  2. Two grounding pads on frame to be located diagonally opposite of each other
  3. Space heaters, rated 1 phase, 50 hertz, 220 volts sheath temperature not to exceed 200E C.
  4. Six (6) stator temperature detectors, RTD-type, 100-ohm platinum
  5. Furnish and mount CEC velocity transducers
  6. Brushless exciter
    1. Exciter field leads to be brought to a terminal block marker EF1(+) and EF2(-). Box to be on left-hand side of exciter fram facing exciter end of generator.
    2. Split exciter cover
  7. Permanent magnet alternator (PMA)
  8. Provide vertical jack screws

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