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Not all parts are created equally. Genuine Ideal Parts are made specifically for your IDEAL machine, and they are close at hand when you need them most. We stock thousands of commonly used parts, and we have all the original designs, drawings, tools, molds, dies and jigs to make exact replacements with no tolerance for “making it fit” or “this will do”. Anywhere you are, we can have the parts you need expedited, minimizing downtime and loss in productivity while guaranteeing factory-specified levels of efficiency, reliability, and durability.

Often, what you can’t see makes all the difference


Genuine Ideal Major Components

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Genuine Ideal Laminations are made from the highest quality material and to the exact specification as the original.

Do not accept reverse-engineered substitutions; always insist on the original core component to your IDEAL machine.

Contact the Parts Department for a Genuine IDEAL Lamination Stack


Complete Coil Kits

IDEAL ELECTRIC offers complete coil kits for re-winding of IDEAL machines to the exact original design and specification.

Guarantee you know what you are getting, reject reverse-engineered coils to ensure years of reliability and IDEAL performance. 

Contact the Parts Department for Genuine IDEAL Coil Kits


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Complete Rotors & Stators

Whether for a critical spare or a replacement for a long-running IDEAL machine, complete rotors and stators are available from IDEAL ELECTRIC.

Built with the original design to the original or upgraded/up-rated specification, with a Genuine IDEAL replacement major component you can rest assured in the highest performance, most reliable solution from the original manufacturer.

Contact the Parts Department for Genuine IDEAL Major Components


Parts Fabrication

Time has taught us the value that high-quality parts hold when compared to cheaper, shoddy alternatives. At Ideal, we ensure that every component built at our Ohio Works meets our high standards and exceeds your expectations. After all, Ideal has manufactured parts and accessories for over a century now, so we have the expertise necessary to guarantee excellence. As an original equipment manufacturer, we have access to the Bills of Material and designs specific to your machine or many similar to it and know exactly what to anticipate when creating replacements or upgrades.

Don’t choose something flimsy, make it Ideal.


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Genuine Ideal Parts

Critical Spares
  • Thousands of parts in stock and ready to ship.
  • Same-day shipment and instant online payments available.
Recommended Spare Parts
  • Critical and recommended spare parts to keep on hand.
  • Lists developed specifically for your machine, unique to each serial number, customer location, and envinronment.
  • Contact us today for your specific list!
Rotors & Stators - Complete
  • Complete replacement rotors and stators for your IDEAL machines.
  • Other OEM’s built to your specifications.
  • Cooler components or complete replacement coolers.
  • Upgrades and original replacements.
  • All types, methods, and classifications:
    • TEWAC
    • TEAAC
    • CACA
    • DIDO
Connection & Terminal Boxes
Manuals & Documentation
  • Thousands of parts in stock and ready to ship.
  • Same-day shipment and instant online payments available.
Rectifier Components
  • Diodes
  • Surge Suppressors
  • Resistors
  • Startup Boards
  • Discharge Boards
  • SCR
  • Replacement IDEAL bearings
  • New bearings
  • Bearing conversions
  • Bearing components
  • Bearing service
Bearing Liners
Bearing Oil Seals & Oil Rings
Brush to Brushless conversion
Complete Exciters
Exciter Fields
Rotating Rectifier assemblies
Collector Rings
Fan Blades
Coil Winding Kits - Complete
  • Genuine IDEAL Complete Coil Kits.
  • Manufactured to the factory desiygn from the original drawings.
  • Tested and quality assured for your IDEAL machine.
  • Replacement laminations built to the original IDEAL designs.
  • Made with IDEAL’s original, highest-performance material.
  • Order laminations, complete stacks, and even wound cores for local repairs.
  • Know what you’re getting is the original design. 
Digital Synchronizing Systems
Legacy Synchronizing Systems
Brushes & Holders
Probes & Cable Kits
Voltage Regulators
Lube Oil Systems
Hydrostatic Lift Systems
Rotor Skid Pans & Removal Tools


Ideal Electric Genuine Ideal Parts 2079

Ideal accessories are the best on the market. We take great pride knowing that our accessories maximize uptime and keep things running smooth. Ideal is capable of manufacturing a wide variety of accessories such as bearing liners, oil seals, brushes, and heaters for any of our client’s needs. Our rotating electronic parts, such as diodes, surge protectors, and discharge boards are robust and ensure the efficiency of your devices. The RTDs produced at our Ohio Works ensure that your machines don’t get too hot by accurately monitoring their internal temperature.

Whatever the need may be, we have an Ideal accessory.


Our expert IDEAL ELECTRIC Associates are here to support you in our Ohio, Houston, and our European bases. Give us a call or e-mail us today!


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