IDEAL ELECTRIC is the US leader in small hydroelectric experience, with over 250 projects and 800 MW installed. Exclusive US single source company – capable of producing both generators and switchgear and allowing for sole sourcing of a coordinated electrical package.

 We have a long history of pioneering robust motors and generators for the hydroelectric industry. Our experience, large-scale vertically integrated manufacturing and extraordinary testing facility allow us to develop fully optimized, highly efficient synchronous, induction, and permanent magnet machines for any turbine type.

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IDEAL offers several Class H insulation systems that meet the needs of the most demanding hydropower applications. We provide a resin rich epoxy global VPI system. All can be made to pass an immersion test per NEMA 1-20.49 and corona protections is provided as standard for rotors above 6000 volts.


For generators that operate above 300 RPM, a brushless excitation system is typically provided to ensure minimum ripple in the rectified direct current (DC) supplied to the generator field and to provide faster response times. The alternating current (AC) is rectified by hermetically sealed diodes which can be fused and applied in parallel for critical applications. Another advantage to brushless excitation is eliminating downtime due to brush replacement and clearing of the brush rigging area.


IDEAL furnishes state-of-the-art electronic voltage regulator systems as part of our brushless excitation packages. Features such as VAR/Power Factor control, excitation limiting, and motor operated controls are typically recommended. A permanent magnet pilot exciter may be furnished as an integral part of the exciter for use as a power supply to the voltage regulator. This allows a minimum 250% forcing current under short circuit conditions without series boost CTs.

Ideal Services

Field Service

The Service Department of Ideal Electric Company maintains a staff of highly experienced Service Advisors qualified to provide technical direction and advisory assistance during start-up, inspection, maintenance, and repair of all Ideal Electric supplied equipment. Our incredibly skilled service specialists, as well as factory-trained craftspeople, provide a full-spectrum of field services from preventive maintenance to emergency and outage support.


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Technical Support

Our mission to satisfy each customer doesn’t ever stop. We pride ourselves on our ability to give quality aftermarket care to each and every customer. We have an expert staff of highly trained support specialists on standby, ready to assist you via phone or email. These talented individuals are skilled in problem-solving, quickly and efficiently ascertaining solutions to our clients’ needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or scheduling a field service appointment, our support technicians are ready to help.

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Engineering Services

Ideal engineers are respected throughout the industry for their expertise, innovative spirit, and rigorous work ethic. Over the past century, Ideal engineers have revolutionized the industry, continuously pioneering ways to increase machine efficiency and longevity while keeping costs down. Ideal engineers are always available to assist our clients in conducting research and producing studies. Contact us if you would like to work with our Ideal engineers.

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VPI Services

Ideal Electric uses an insulation system based on a global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) method using mica tapes combined with epoxy resin. Global VPI is a widely used insulation method in the electric machine manufacturing industry. Ideal uses epoxy resins in the VPI process since they are superior to other VPI resin types. This insulation system is employed over the full range of form wound machines produced at our Ohio Works.

Insulation Features:

  • Class F (155°) Temperature Rating
  • Voltages up to 15 kV Mica Insulation combined with Epoxy Resin VPI
  • Excellent Chemical, Oil, and Moisture Resistance
  • High Dielectric Strength with Low Dielectric Losses
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • High Thermal Conductivity for Improved Heat Transfer
  • Withstands Starting and Short Circuit Stresses, Voltage Surges, and Thermal Cycling


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Factory Repair & Remanufacturing

Ideal Electric is more committed than ever to protect your investment. We have the capability to repair or upgrade any machine which, along with our testing facility, guarantees that you can get up and running faster and more efficiently than ever before. Contact an Ideal associate today and ask about our repair and remanufacturing services. 

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Our Test Floor

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Meeting Customer Needs

Customers have demanded and will continue to demand improvements in both product performance and quality. Customers now require extensive testing conducted by their manufacturers before equipment even ships. Ideal Electric meets this challenge with our innovative test floor. Our Ohio Works allows us to precisely and accurately test synchronous motors and generators at voltages from 480 V to 13.8 kV, at 60 Hz and 50 Hz.


Testing Capabilities

  • Performance, temperature and efficiency testing of synchronous motors and generators up to 30,000 kVA per IEEE 115 or IEC 60034
  • Performance, temperature and efficiency testing of induction motors up to 10,000 HP per IEEE 112 or IEC 60034
  • Test voltages from 480 V to 13.8 kV
  • 60 and 50 Hertz test frequencies
  • Horizontal and vertical test configurations
  • State-of-the-art Data Acquisition System
  • Bently-Nevada Adre Vibration Monitoring System
  • Complete control from the master control room overlooking the test floor area


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High Quality Testing Facility

The Ohio Works test floor consists of two vertical test pits and two test bedplates for horizontal machines. Each test bedplate has a weight exceeding one million pounds, insuring our capability to meet and exceed the stringent industry vibration criteria for massive, rigid mounting per API (0.02 ips maximum). Other test floors use housing and shaft probe vibration readings which consistently fail to meet the stringency of industrial requirements. Our Ideal capabilities make our test floor unique, yielding precise and timely results as no one else can.


Ideal Service Agreement

IDEAL Electric wants to help you maintain the health of your investment. IDEAL Service Agreements offer you a way to tap into our expertise at any moment. We offer our knowledge and capabilities to give you peace of mind when it comes to maintaining your motors and generators. As the OEM we have the original drawings of every Ideal machine, extensive testing data, skillful engineers, and experienced craftsmen at our disposal to maintain your investment. So, it makes sense that choosing an IDEAL Service Agreements increases the longevity of your machine, reduces failures, increases production and efficiency. Ideal understands the value of your asset and has the expertise to preserve it.

Our Scheduled Maintenance Program offers a direct line of communication between you and IDEAL Electric. First, we establish the health of your machine, then we determine an appropriate maintenance schedule that works for you. This program provides personalized action customized to fit your specific needs.

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Our expert IDEAL ELECTRIC Associates are here to support you in our Ohio, Houston, and our European bases. Give us a call or e-mail us today!


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