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Product Types

  • Synchronous
  • Induction
  • Permanent Magnet
  • Wound Rotor
  • Switch Reluctance
  • PAM
  • Two-Speed
  • DC
  • Synchronous
  • Induction
  • Permanent Magnet
  • Wound Rotor
  • Switched Reluctance
  • Fixed & Variable Speed
  • For Gas & Steam Turbines, Enginers, Hydro, Wind & Geothermal

New Synchonous Condensers and conversions/upgrades of existing synchronous machines to condenser duty to +/- 30 MVAr with or without flywheel inertia.


Custom low and medium-voltage switchgear to customer specification


Excitation and Synchronization Control Systems for IDEAL and other's machines.

Motor-Generator Sets

Custom Motor-Generator Sets for voltage and/or frequency conversion, true electrical isolation of the load from the supply and ride-thru capabilities for ultimate power quality.

M-G Sets can be common shaft, direct coupled or belt driven to Customer specification.

Sizes from a few kilowatts to multi-megawatt, low to high voltages and frequencies well above 400 HZ.

Eddy Current Drives

A mechanical alternative to a solid-state variable frequency drive (VFD), IDEAL Eddy-Current electromagnetic machines provide an elegant, well proven solution to variable-speed applications.  

Genuine Ideal Parts

Protect your investment; always insist on Genuine Ideal Parts - direct from the OEM to your machine using the original drawings, specifications and backed by IDEAL.

Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS)


Repair & Re-Manufacturing

No one knows your equipment better than the people who originally manufactured it. IDEAL supports new and legacy products like no other can with all the original designs, test and qualification data on hand. Our first-hand product knowledge, responsiveness, and peerless capabilities allow us to deliver solutions extending beyond even our original equipment.

Field Service

IDEAL Field Service Technicians travel the world serving customers with expert knowledge only the origianal equipment manufacturer has.

Legacy Machine Upgrades
Factory Testing
Machining & Fabrication


  • Up to 40,000 KW/ 50,000 HP
  • Horizontal & Vertical
  • Slow, Medium, & High Speeds
  • Up to 40,000 KW/ 50,000 HP
  • Horizontal & Vertical
  • Slow, Medium, & High Speeds
Permanent Magnet
  • Low & High Speed
  • Multi-Megawatt References
  • Captive surface & embedded designs
Switched Reluctance
  • Over 1,000 HP builds possible
Wound rotor
Salient Pole
Cylindrical Rotor
Pole Amplitude Modulated
Direct Current
Lightweight Materials
Advanced Thermal Management


Up to 40,000 kW

IDEAL's Mansfield, Ohio facility has the capability to build machines to the 40-megawatt (50,000 HP) power range depending on the rotational speed. The largest machine to ship from the factory to date is 265,000 lbs.

Voltages to 15kv

IDEAL pioneered high voltage insulation systems and that legacy is continued today, backed by thousands of low and medium voltage machines, many in corrosive environments.

IDEAL's Mansfield, Ohio facility has a very unique 14' (4.27m) VPI system - one of the largest throughout the Americas.

2 to over 160 Poles

IDEAL builds super-slow to high-speed machines with 2 to more than 160 Poles.

High Speed

While IDEAL is most known for our multi-pole, slow speed machines and benchmark setting 4-pole machines, our latest Permanent Magnet and Ultra-Performance Induction technology has found application in high-speed machines from 4,000-28,000 RPM. 

Fixed & Variable Speed

Our motors and generators are designed for both fixed and variable-speed applications. In fixed speed, we support all starting methods, and in variable-speed, motors are designed for all variable-speed drive types and technologies.

Variable-speed generators are designed for matched systems to specific applications in renewables; wind and hydro-power, hybrid marine and land power, defense and other speciality applications.

Any Enclosure Type

IDEAL offers all enclosure types:

  • CACA
  • CACW
  • DIDO
  • DPG
  • DPG-FV
  • HERM
  • IP23
  • IP24
  • IP44
  • IP54
  • IP55
  • IPW24
  • ODP
  • TEAW
  • TEFC
  • TEFV
  • TEPV
  • TEWC
  • WP I
  • WP II
Hermetic Motors

In the 1940's IDEAL became a pioneering maker of hermetic motors. In the 1960's the 2,000 HP barrier was broken for refrigeration compressors. Carrier Corporation acquired IDEAL in the 1970's and subsequently became part of United Technologies Corporation (UTX). UTX divested the company in the 1980's, yet IDEAL remained a leading supplier of high-horsepower, medium and high-voltage hermetic motors with marquee installations across the world and on the oceans, including air conditioning the Queen Mary II.

All Cooling Methods

IDEAL offers all typical air and liquid cooling methods as well as specialty, exotic and otherwise challenging cooling solutions. 

Severe Duty

While all IDEAL machines are built to outperform, some applications and environments require special considerations for severe duty. The more demanding the application, the more IDEAL we become backed by thousands of references.

Nema & IEC Standard

IDEAL builds to NEMA or IEC standards.

Hazardous Environments

IDEAL machines are operating in every hazardous environment.

ATEX, Ex, ExN, Class 1 Division 2, H2S

Brushed & Brushless Excitation

A hallmark of The Ideal Electric and Manufacturing Company was pioneering the move to brushless excitation technology in the 1950's. Today we uniquely offer both brushed and brushless solutions.

Synchronizing Systems

IDEAL offers both its thoroughly modern Digital Synchronizing System (DSS) in addition to legacy synchronizing solutions.


Our expert IDEAL Electric Associates are here to support you in our Mansfield, Ohio, Houston, Texas and our European bases. Give us a call or e-mail us today!


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Switchgear & Controls
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Parts Department
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Field Service Repairs /
Remanufacturing & Technical Questions
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24 Hour Emergency Hotline
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