Do you want to be a part of an incredible American electro-mechanical brand with a 120-year history and thousands of customers all over the world? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and proactively contribute to the growth of a 100% American-owned manufacturer, executing high-dollar orders/contracts on critical, high-power rotating machinery? If you are passionate about winning and can see yourself making a positive impact on our mission, then you should apply to join our IDEAL family.

Since 1903, IDEAL ELECTRIC COMPANY has become a globally recognized leading supplier of high-power, specialty induction, synchronous, wound-rotor, switched-reluctance, permanent magnet electric motors and generators, condensers, rotating converters, switchgear, power systems and controls up to 50 MVA for every application on-and-off-shore. IDEAL is uniquely positioned as the only 100% American-owned, vertically integrated, small business original equipment manufacturer of our kind, with thousands of machines in over 100 countries and with our wide range of products and capabilities.

If you’re interested in joining us, please review our open positions below to find a match with your skillset.

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